Located in the heart of San Francisco’s downtown, Amber is one of the few Indian restaurants I can talk at length about ..but I’ll try not to (laughs). With so many Indians every where, naturally there has been an immense surge in Indian restaurants, especially in America. Very few Indian restaurants have had the privilege of being revisited by my palates and Amber happens to be one of them. This place is very near and dear to my heart because I used to (and hopefully will continue to in the future) celebrate a lot of occasions with my family when I was in San Francisco years ago. Coming back to this city made me nostalgic and to fight my nostalgia I decided to dine at Amber on my birthday. Two reasons why I love this restaurant: ambience and their delectable lamb chops. Amber’s ambience is warm and lively making it a beautiful place to dine on occasions and their lamb chops are to die for! All five years during which I was away from San Francisco, I did not like any of the Lamb Chops which I had had. But after coming back, I am so glad I was able to purify my taste buds with their lamb chops. Another dish which is a must at Ambert is their palak(spinach) chaat. I personally never thought spinach and chaat could be combined together to create something so tasty- the spinach leaves are crispy yet soft, and the sauce of the chaat is sour yet sweet at the same time I say a perfect blend of tastes for an appetizer!