Currently living in Orlando, pursiuing my

Masters in Computer Engineering. It's rather

funny, when I was younger I didn't like being

called a nerd. But now, it's a noun I

happily welcome with open arms

I have one more year to go and that will

be the end of my blissful studnet life!

I interned at Aviatrix, in Palo Alto, California.

It felt amazing to be back in California felt like home. Wait back?

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By this page's layout, I am sure

you must have guessed already that I

travel a lot. It's been said that home

is where the is. My belongs with

my family and since they live in Namibia,

by trasitive property, my home is

Namibia. Jokes aside, Namibia

is honestly one of the most picturesque

countries I have lived in. For those of you

who want to experience the African

culture, Namibia is the country!

I hope to go back to soon

In hindsight, I am really glad that I

went to India for college. I definitely

feel connected to my roots and

through all the hardships, I can say

I have matured into a strong woman.

Not to mention I made amazing

friends during these four years

who I know will always stay by my side

no matter what. Cheers to those

amazing four years!

America is probably the place where I really found myself as a

teenager and who I am as a person. High school is one of the most

important phases in a teenager's life and I am glad I got to spend it

in America. This is the place where I felt and understood myself.

San Francisco is where I spent three years in California. It always

has and always will be one of the places I'll always call home.

The first country I lived in where I can recollect my stay! I stayed

in Vietnam for three years and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there.

Spending grades 5 to 8, it is definitely one of the places I remember.

With my family, I travelled all around Vietnam and Hoi An happens

to be one of my favorite places, and then Dalat! Sincerely wished

I had pictures to shared.. stayed tuned and maybe I can find some

in the coming weeks from our trips down to Southern Vietnam.

One of the most vivid memories of

Switzerland is from those days when it

would snow all day and night if I were to

walk out of the house, my hair would

instantly turn from soft strands to

hard twig like strands. As a kid, I had

always wondered why the texture of my

hair changed so dramatically. Now as an

Engineer, I think I have understood

the Science behind it.

Mandarin was actually one of the first

languages I learned, but unfortuntaley,

I can't speak a single word now

because my parents stopped conversing

with me in Mandarin just so that I could

pick up Hindi. I spent the first four

years of my life in China and although I

can't remember anything, inherently

I have picked up a likeliness towards

the people and their food!