Little Italy

Mamma Mia! I am telling you San Francisco has a lot to offer and Italian food is one of them. North Beach is the hub for italian food and where Little Italy lives. As soon as you enter the premise, you will know its Little Italy because the red lights posts are painted with green, white and oragne stripes. Calzone's, situated in the heart of North Beach, is an amazing place to dine outdoors or indoors. Calzone's serve their pasta dishes with housemade fettucine, very thick and tasteful. Whenever I have visited this restaurant, I have always ordered their pasta served with garlic scallop sauce with generous amount of crab along with their dungenous crab pizza- garnished with avocado, red onions and pungent wasabi sauce. The restuanrant, like any Italian restaurant, is livley. Do check it out whenever you're in Little Italy.